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Robert Hurley

October 2

We’re finally cast. I’m very pleased with it. Each actor has opened up my characters and my words. I thought it was perfect before! I actually know one of the girls cast through another person.

They all seem nice and fun. I think we might even become friends.

August 30

Auditions are splendid. There is so much talent in this town. I can tell they really enjoy auditioning for something they can be proud of. They can really sink their teeth into the characters and they thank me for it.

Seeing all these different interpretations of my words have actually given me a few new ideas to put in the script. Won’t say what I’m thinking here. You’ll just have to see to find out.

It’s probably good I’m not solely casting this film as I would have trouble not casting all tall blonde women in every role. Yes, even the male ones.

March 8

It’s happening.

Finally my script is being turned into a film. Finally something good is going to come out of Hollywood. Finally there will be a film that examines the issues that actually matter in this world. Every film or play that I have seen seems to almost deliberately avoid saying anything. It is like there is this big conspiracy against content. That is all changing now as auditions have begun for NOTES FROM THE NEW WORLD.

Of course it’s an independent film. There is no way a studio will fund something like this. They don’t believe the public is ready. And maybe they are not, but does that mean it should not be said? If not now, when? I am John Galt from ATLAS SHRUGGED. The world wasn’t ready to hear what he had to say, but it needed to be said. 


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Although I have met many good people in my time, especially at the New Playwrights Foundation and in the theater, I consider Vitaly to be my one true friend. It is he who really enlightened me to the wonders of the literary world. Before I read Dostoyevsky's "Notes from the Underground," I didn't think there was truly any book or story out there that dealt with deceptively simple concept of existentialism.i.e. I have been thrown into this world, and I as a person, must create my own reality. 

This is so unlike what I'd always heard! There are so many signs--and not just religious ones--that suggest we are predestined in some way, that we have to be what we born to be, or need to be, like some never ending caste or hierarchy. "Notes" opened me to the happy(yet said)reality that someone else knew what I was feeling and thinking in this regard. "Notes" felt like words formed from a bleeding wound, a scar somewhere on me that I couldn't see, and it is the basis for this upcoming film, which Vitaly has graciously written based on my ideas.

Still, there are so many fascinating things out there in the world, that despite how peculiar they sound, and the fact some of them do follow rules and hierarchies, I couldn't help following. One of them is the practice of "Dark Into Light," which many would and do falsely ascribe to the term "occult" (I won't go on about its structure now. It is included here on my site). Many people have or have had an interest in this "occult" and I have included them here, because to me they are, if only in spirit, my "friends."

And keeping in mind the basic concept of existentialism, I have included people and influences of my own time.

Take a look at the pictures (herein above). If you can identify any of these people then write me a line. Maybe we have something in common...  


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