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Private Investigation Launched to Find Missing Screenwriter

By Timothy Starkweather

AP: In a strange case of Truth is Stranger than Fiction, a Los Angeles-based Screenplay writer has vanished, and his mafia and occult connections suspected in the disappearance seem to mirror the characters in his latest film...[read more]

Colin Walsh

Crew Member Colin Walsh Investigates
Hurley's Disappearance

Mysterious Cult May Be Linked to Missing Screenwriter

By Timothy Starkweather

A new detail unfolds in the disappearance of Robert Hurley, a first time screenwriter. Crewmember Colin Walsh, discovered an unfinished website created by Hurley detailing a secretive cult which has existed for over two-thousand years.... [read more]

What is Dark Onto Light?

What is Dark Onto Light?

Crew Member is leaving

Haunted Production?

The show goes on

Los Angeles, USA... Where dreams and harsh realities collide.  A place where Steven is torn between the loves of two women. A place fraught with danger where he comes face to face with the Russian mafia. It is a place where he discovers who he really is.





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Natasha Blasick   Nathanael Thiesen   Rebecca Sigl   Jerry Prager
"Poor Guy "
"Call Girl"
"Rich Guy"
and The Mafia Guys!

Screenwriter Disappears
Midway Through

By John Fortin

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Screenwriter Robert Hurley Missing



Help Find Robert
Friend and screenwriter of the first draft of "The Notes" Robert Hurley is missing! Can you help us? For more information regarding this bizarre event please visit the About Robert Hurley, Robert Hurley Journal and The Search for Hurley sections of this site.
(Contact info can be found in The Search for Hurley section.) You can also view weekly (or bi-weekly) video clips of our search for Robert in The Search for Hurley section. On behalf of Robert’s friends and family we thank you for any information that you may be able to provide that will lead us to our missing comrade. God bless!

BREAKING NEWS: our production "THE MISSING SCREENWRITER" documenting Robert's disappearance - is a WINNER of the 14th International Festival of Detective Films in Moscow, Russia, April 2012 - For More info - CLICK HERE

New - Help Find Robert!!!

Clip of the Week
Click at the link below to go to our YouTube page and see the exciting Video Journals related to Robert Hurley's disappearance !..
This [roughly] 2 minutes and 12 seconds clip, edited by Judith Lin, features an interesting (and often times funny) “behind the scenes” look at the auditions; as well as revealing the names of the actors chosen for the movie. Enjoy


So, what exactly is Notes From the New World? You can find out HERE by reading the story’s synopsis. And if you hunger for even more information then be sure to check out the actor and character biographies located on the same page!

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Clip of the Week

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